Grape Brandy

Tikveš Grape Brandy 1l

Tikveš Grape Brandy 1l

Tikveš Grape Brandy 1l

Tikves’s oak aged grape brandy is matured for a long time under special conditions creating a smooth, elegant style that remains not only Macedonia’s most famous aperitif, but a fine digestif too.

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Alcohol: 40%
Annual production: 1.000.000 L
Best served: 14–16°C
Available in: 700ml, 1l

Vinification and Fermentation: Grapes where harvested at a earlier stage in order to achieve higher acid and lower pH, for maximum flavour development during distillation. Fermentation of the wine is made in controlled conditions on temperature of 12-14°C for white wines and 24-26°C for red wines.
Distillation process: We use a continuous distillation column by which we separate different fractions during the distillation process in order to maximally purify the distillate with 69% to 71% of alcohol in depend of the variety which we distil in the moment to obtain a better quality product.
Aging: 6 months in stainless steel tanks; 2-3 years in oak barrels and oak casks.
Tasting notes: This Brandy is smooth with medium body, pleasant sweetness and long finish. Flower aromas on the nose in combination with aromas of hazelnuts, almond and hints of herbs.

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